Senior Services welcomes six new board members

It is no mistake that the board members of nonprofit organizations are called trustees.

When citizens agree to serve on the board of a nonprofit organization like Clermont Senior Services, they are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the agency achieves its mission, and that it does so with the highest standards of integrity, efficiency, and quality performance.

The success or failure of a nonprofit organization ultimately rests upon the shoulders of its board of trustees. This is an awesome responsibility, and all the more so during difficult economic times like we face today.

Board members generously share their time and expertise, and they do so not for pay but, as I used to say to my children when they were young, for the satisfaction of a job well done.

At Clermont Senior Services this means providing meals-on-wheels, home care, transportation, adult day care, and other services that help older adults remain independent, allowing them to continue enjoying the comfort of their own homes in their old age. We can be thankful that there are citizens in our community who care enough to dedicate themselves to this noble cause.

Clermont Senior Services, like most nonprofit agencies, has term limits for board members.

Our board members serve two-year terms, with a maximum of four terms, or eight years. I have a deep respect and appreciation for the individuals who have served on the Senior Services