Sometimes its better to just enjoy the memories

The snow and frigid temperatures this past week got me to thinking this would be a good time to have a St. Bernard. I can speak with some authority on this subject because I had a St. Bernard for several years during the frigid winters of the mid 1970s.

At the time we rented a little house in the country near North Bend, Ohio. We already had a longhaired dachshund named Snoopy, a name we selected because my nickname during college was Charlie Brown (yes, some of my friends thought I fit the character.)

I suggested to Yvonne that Snoopy needed a friend and proposed we get a St. Bernard. For some strange reason, which to this day I do not fully understand, Yvonne agreed to my idea. I think she realized the little boy in me needed something big and cuddly to love. She just couldn