The Batavia United Methodist Church Christmas program was really good

Howdy Folks,

Ruth Ann and I attended the Batavia United Methodist Church Christmas program and it was extremely good. Some of the young folks had the parts of the animals at the birth of Christ.

These kids would make the sounds each animal made, one little one was the sheep and boy did they give it all they had. It was beautiful.

They had a puppet show and it was timed to music. The folks did a super job. When the folks stood up after it was finished, I was surprised, they were young people doing the puppets, and they were great. After the program, everyone was invited to the fellowship hall for refreshments and to do a lot of visiting. It was good, thanks.

Ruth Ann and I went up to the Bethel council meeting on Monday evening to see the new mayor sworn in. This young man is James Dick, congratulations from the Ole Fisherman and wife.

The other day I heard geese and looked up, they were high and finally I realized it was a flock of snow geese.

I was talking to Mike at the Boar