Hopewell JOG supplies a unique service to students

Education-what is the end result? Employers and colleges want reliable, independent, motivated, and responsible people who can work well with others and represent their company or college respectfully. With the partnership of several schools, Hopewell Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) supplies a unique service; an educator who assists at-risk students with credit recovery, employability skills, and community involvement.

Milford Exempted City Schools and Great Oaks Institute of Technology are two such schools that have partnered with Hopewell JOG. As a result, Kristin Rubenbauer is a career specialist who prides herself on the ability to constantly present the curriculum in a new, interesting, and real way.

Beginning her JOG experience in 1997-1998 as a student, Rubenbauer represents the reason JOG specialists continue to do what they do. Recognizing the value of the program, Rubenbauer’s interest in education began.