Monroe Grange serves a great Thanksgiving supper for members

Howdy Folks,

Last week Ruth Ann and I, along with several other Lions Club members volunteered at the Bethel Tate High School to help with the H1N1 Flu shots for the high school students.

While there we were talking to a feller and he said his daughter had cat food in a bucket on the porch, and when she looked in the bucket, there was a cat and a possum both in there eating the cat food. What a strange sight!

Last Friday the Monroe Grange had a Thanksgiving supper and Ruth Ann and Bonnie passed out the awards that the Junior Grangers, and some of the adults had won here at our Grange and from the State Grange Convention.

The evening was wonderful. There were 45 folks there to enjoy the food and dessert, and when I looked at the food table it made me think about the shredding ring we used to have.

The Junior Grangers were so excited with their winnings and gifts, there were 20 children to get their winnings.

Ruth Ann and Bonnie have done a super job with them. Monroe Junior Grange got an award for the largest increase in membership and two of the Juniors got awards for bringing in new members. These two gals were Grace and Faythe.

Now on Sunday after church Ruth Ann and I went to the Clermont County Fair grounds to attend a gathering for the folks that lived in and around Newtonsville. The feller that had the idea about this was Ralph Hill, he told his wife, if we can get 25 or 30 people to attend we can hold it in the club house where we live! Well! By golly, this turned into a much bigger event than he thought, we ended up with over 140 people. We saw folks that we haven’t seen for a long time.

There were folks there from different parts of this wonderful country and there were some wonderful stories.

A young lady told me to ask a young feller about his one and only airplane ride. This lady’s dad had an airplane and a small air strip below Newtonsville. When I asked this feller about his plane ride, the young lady was sure laughing. This young feller said, he went up with this lady’s dad, and when they got up the pilot, the dad, was doing some loops and when this young feller looked he was upside down. When the plane landed he got out and said he would never ride in that plane with that pilot (dad) again. Now at this the pilot and his daughter were laughing.

The Newtonsville reunion was a great success and everyone thanks Ralph Hill and his helpers. There were the Jones, Hills, Knieps, Dollenmayers, Attingers, Dayes, Frys, Crabbs, Creager, Ross, and Lykins. There were the Tusseys, VanCamps, Werners, Welker, Sebastians, Mobleys, Williams,Osbornes, Nause, several of this family, Rogers, Pringle, Wolf, Morrow, Martin, Rooks, Ridgeway, Shepherds.

I could not put everyones last name in this article but it was sure wonderful seeing all you folks and hope we can get together again. There was a table full of pictures and boy did it bring back memories. This is something we would like to see happen again. I realize it took lots of work on Mr. Hill, his wife, and helpers, so thanks.

On Dec. 5th and 6th at 6 p.m. the Bethel Community Choir will present a Christmas Musical, “The Promise of Light” at the Bethel United Methodist Church at 401 West Plane Street. Com and enjoy.

Start your week by going to the church of your choice and praise the Good Lord. God Bless All. More Later.