What does it take to push your buttons?

Everyone has somethings that really get under your skin and makes you so mad that you could just… well, you know. Sometimes we need to vent and tell the world what it is that gets our goat.

As I was doing research for this article, I found that many pet peeves are universal. One of the top irritants is going through a fast food drive through, getting your order messed up and not finding out until you get home with the food. When will we ever learn to check the order before we leave the parking lot?

Here are a few other “universal” pet peeves. Trying to open new items that are wrapped in molded plastic covering. Having to use more than one remote control for the TV, dvd player, etc. Dealing with people who drive the wrong direction in a parking lot. People who have a cart full of groceries and go to the 10 items or less line. No toilet paper or paper towels in a public restroom or the toilet paper is put on the roll backwards. People who don’t flush the toilet in a public restroom. Shopping carts with a faulty wheel that you have to fight all the way through the store. Following a driver on a windy road who refuses to do the speed limit.

Many of the most famous pet peeves can be summed up in two words or less, speed bumps, junk mail, double dippers, gossips, baggy pants, dirty keyboards, loud commercials, litterbugs, tailgaters, bad breath, freezer burn and telemarketers.

Those who aren’t particularly adept at the English language may not care about misspellings or mispronunciations, but to some of us, to hear the way people butcher the language is appalling. Here are some examples: People who write noone instead of no one; people who use the word ideal when they mean idea; people who don’t know the difference between its/it’s and they’re, their and there. It makes you wonder if they were absent the day it was taught in fourth grade. Also people who say supposebly when they mean supposedly. People who spell you’re as your and those who don’t use the pronoun me or I appropriately.

I realize that some things that may be annoying to one person are not annoying to another, but I guess if you know that someone in your family is annoyed by what you do, maybe you shouldn’t do it.

I know that my husband gets annoyed when I leave the hair dryer on the sink, but sometimes I just forget. He also gets annoyed with dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, but then I get annoyed when he leaves the dish rag all crumpled in the bottom of the sink. Wring it out and lay it across the middle of the sinks to dry out.

I’m one of those people who puts confetti sprinkles in birthday cards because I want the recipient to experience a party in a card. Sorry if that irritates anyone but I’m going to keep doing it.

There is a new bad habit just created recently which I find to be very rude. With the invention of cell phones, people can now write on facebook or text message someone else while you are trying to have a conversation with them. It seems like someone needs to develop the proper etiquette for not using a cell phone while in a conversation with someone. I recently spoke with a lady who takes the cell phones from her grandchildren when they come to visit. She said that when they are there, they are going to spend their time with her and not on their phones. She gives them back when they get ready to leave.

When people overuse quotes from movies or tv it can be very annoying especially if you don’t know the movie or show and they have to explain the entire thing to you. When they play loud music or tvs in a restaurant it can be impossible to have a conversation over the noise. Why inflict that noise on people who are there for a night out? If we wanted to watch tv, we could do that at home.

It bugs me when I see Christmas lights still hanging on a house and it’s almost spring. Tangled phone cords also drive me up a wall. How in the world can someone even pick up the phone and get it to their ear when the cord is a tangled mess? One of the worst is driveways which aren’t designed properly and cause your vehicle to bottom out. That is a horrible sound and you just want to smack the guy who designed it.

There are plenty more pet peeves that I could include, but my boss just gave me a mean look because I’m writing this column instead of a story for page one. Guess I just pushed one of his buttons.