‘Nimblewill Nomad’ hikes through Clermont on his way across country

On March 22, along the banks of the Missouri River, in North Dakota, M. J. “Eb” Eberhart, 70, started a 4,400-mile journey across the North Country National Scenic Trail. On Monday, July 6, with 2,800 miles behind him, he spent the night at East Fork State Park, in Clermont County. When Buckeye Trail Association member Steve Miller caught up with Eberhart July 7, he was east of Williamsburg, heading into Brown County where he was expected to spend the night in Russellville.

“This is my passion, I get joy and fulfillment out of walking the trails,” said Eberhart. “The local chapter of the Buckeye Trail Association is doing a great job maintaining this section. The Buckeye Trail ties in with the North Country National Trail and I’m a beneficiary of all their hard work. This is one of the most family friendly districts and part of this trail is due to the diligence of Steve Newman.”