Coping with the heartbreak of not going to McDonalds

My Great Grandma Brown lived to be 95. A lot happened during her lifetime. She was born in the midst of the Civil War and lived to the threshold of the space age.

From horseback to the Model T, to traffic jams on interstate highways; from dirigibles to Kitty Hawk, to transcontinental flight; from the telegraph to the telephone, to the television; Grandma saw it all.

Great changes occurred in her personal life as well, and Grandma took it all in stride, adjusting to and accepting the circumstances of life as they occurred, which contributed to her ability to live a long and happy life.

Changes, both great and small, occur throughout our lives. Positive changes are easy to accept and can enrich our lives. But change also comes in the form of losses; losses which can be difficult to handle and which can profoundly impact our lives in negative ways. The older we get the greater the losses seem to become.

At the top of the list is the loss through death of a spouse. Other losses that may occur later in life include the loss of work identity, the loss of income, the loss of physical capacity which can lead to a myriad of challenges, and sometimes the loss of dreams