What goes around comes around

Everybody is always longing for the good old days. We view the bygone days of the early 1900s as a time when the pace of life was slower, people knew and trusted their neighbors and a deep sense of community was prevalent. I recently spoke with the registrar at Promont House in Milford. She was showing me some of the original musical instruments that were used by the cornet band which performed in Milford over a century ago.

She noted that even when the band got together to practice people would come out to listen. It was a form of entertainment that everyone enjoyed. We have to remember that those folks didn’t have tvs, or computers, or Wiis. Their evenings were free to spend sitting on the front porch and visiting with neighbors. In many respects they experienced a more simple lifestyle than we do today.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, but many communities seem to be recreating that small community feeling these days. Several villages and townships are now hosting free concerts in the park. Maybe it’s not the cornet band playing, but there seems to be a variety of music to choose from and it gives residents an opportunity to meet their neighbors, enjoy free entertainment and create some precious memories for their families.

I recently drove through Veteran’s Park in Union Township and noticed that the park was filled with residents. Some were walking or running along the path, others were practicing soccer and many were just there to picnic or use the playground. In watching all the activity, I realized that people need that sense of community. We all want to feel that we belong somewhere and that there are people who will notice if we’re gone. We all have a desire to know our neighbors and connect with them in some way. Maybe we don’t listen to the same music or run in the same social circles, but we do share a common locality.

I’m a transplant to this area. I didn’t grow up around here, I didn’t attend school here, I don’t have a lot of family members who live close by, but my husband and I chose to move to this area. We could have moved to any number of communities, but we chose this community. There are many folks around Clermont County just like us, they are here because they want to be here. Many more are here who have lived here all their lives. They may have a greater sense of history, but they are the ones needed to help make transplants feel welcome. We transplants need their input about the area, we often need local advice and support. Community gatherings such as the concerts are just one way to meet those who are seeking a connection.

There are events planned in nearly every community in Clermont County throughout the summer and these gatherings are great places to network with neighbors. Enjoy.