Throwing rocks was a favorite pass time when I was a boy. Everyone remembers skipping stones across a pond or stream as a child, but we were serious rock throwers.

Why we threw rocks I cannot exactly tell you, except to say that it was cheap entertainment for country kids.

My first recollection of rock throwing was at age 7. My older brother Bob and I were playing a friendly game of rock throwing. The basic object of the game was to hit the other guy, not with an intent to hurt or maim, and certainly not to draw blood, although sometimes that happened, as it did on this particular occasion.

Bob had ducked behind a small shed where Mom and Dad had built some rabbit hutches. I picked up an especially large stone for a seven year old and flung it through the air toward the rabbit hutches, not really expecting to make a hit. Well, that rock bounced twice, first off the tin roof of the shed and then off of Bob