Amelia students collect recyclables

Students in the Environmental Science Club at Amelia Middle School, under the leadership of teachers Nancy Holcomb and Debbie Barclay, have been working on a recycling project since the beginning of December 2008.

For eight weeks students throughout the school have been bringing in magazines and catalogs hoping to have enough to build a tower 100 feet tall.

The project has grown and exceeded all expectations according to Holcomb.

“We have had an unbelievable response from parents and teachers,” said Holcomb. “They have been bringing in box after box of catalogs and magazines.”

“We had a contest for the past eight weeks,” said Elijah Vallance, seventh grade student. “One of the classes has collected 48 feet of magazines and catalogs and my class has collected 41 feet. The winners of the contest will get $50 for their classroom.”

According to Holcomb, as soon as the weather permits, the magazines and catalogs will be taken for recycling.

Each week, on Tuesday, the Environmental Science Club divides into teams assigned to collect the recycle bins from teachers and classrooms throughout the school. The groups empty the bins into the recycle bins located outside the building, separating paper from cardboard.

Recycled shirts are expected to be given to each student in the club as early as next week.