Proud sworn in for sixth term

In a special swearing-in ceremony Friday, Dec. 19, Clermont County Commissioner Bob Proud took the oath of office. He was reelected to the commissioner seat in the November election.

Proud welcomed everyone to the ceremony and introduced State representative and Marine Corps Colonel Danny Bubp.

“I have been back two weeks now and we are experiencing perilous times here in the state of Ohio, some of you elected officials know that, you have seen the economic forecast. Wherever you go here, the news is dire about the economy and jobs,” said Bubp. “What Bob brings to Clermont County is stability. The commissioners are responsible for the future of Clermont County. With his reelection, I think we’re all on solid ground with him at the helm. With his leadership along with Ed Humphrey and Scott Croswell, I’m confident that Clermont County is going to weather this crisis better than many of the other counties that I’ve heard stories about. I’m glad that we’ve got this leadership team in place.”