Bethel-Tate school board approves staffing cuts

After an executive session of the Bethel-Tate School Board on Tuesday, Dec. 16, the board approved a 2009-2010 staffing plan which includes a reduction of 10 certified, four classified and two administrator positions. Certified positions include teachers, classified positions include aides, custodians, bus drivers and secretaries.

“The elimination of these positions will save the district in excess of $600,000,” said Superintendent James Smith. “The action is effective as of June 2, 2009 with the exception of one of the classified positions. Over the next several months, the district will continue to seek additional cost savings with the hope of saving some of the positions. Additional cost savings would lead to a revision of the staffing plan. In the meantime, we will work with our teacher and support staff unions to determine who might be impacted by the layoffs with notification of individuals taking place sometime afterwards.”