You are never too old to be a blood donor

During the few minutes it will take to read this column approximately 100 people somewhere in the United States and Canada will need a blood transfusion. To be precise someone needs blood every two seconds, according to The Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey Report released by the Department of Health & Human Services in 2005.

Who needs blood? The infant with heart complications at birth; the child with leukemia; the teenager injured in a serious car accident; the adult experiencing complications from surgery; the older person receiving a hip replacement; and the list goes on and on. It is estimated that 25 percent of us will need blood at sometime during our lifetimes. We can go to the store to buy almost everything we may need in life, but there is only one place to get blood. We must depend on the kindness of another person being willing to donate his or her blood to help us or our loved one in time of need. As we go about our business each day we never think about needing someone