My first and fondest childhood memory

I awoke early as usual, not knowing this particular Wednesday would be different from all the other Wednesdays that had come and gone since my birth a little more than two and a half years earlier, which, also happened to have been a Wednesday; Wednesday April 24, 1946 to be exact.

Mom popped a bottle in my mouth and began changing my diaper, being especially careful not to stick me with one of those big safety-pins. Getting my diaper changed was one of my favorite early morning activities. Today kids get to wear Luvs or Pampers, but way back then heavy cotton diapers were all we had, so come morning a little guy was glad to get dusted down with Johnson & Johnsons and then feel the comfort of a fresh diaper that had been air dried on the clothesline.

Between slurps on my bottle I smiled at Mom and cooed with appreciation.

All freshened up, Mom sat me down on the floor and I toddled over to pester my big sister, Kathy, and my big brother, Bob. Bob was pushing his toy train around a little circle of tracks. Electric Lionel