Clermont College women’s basketball sets new standard with 27 victories replacing 27 defeats

Quite possibly the greatest positive turnaround in Clermont County sports history may be that of the University of Cincinnati Clermont College’s women’s basketball team. Last year the Cougars lost 27 games and this year’s team won 27 games!

“It was a terrific season, a great turnaround!,” said Mike Mathews, the head coach of the Cougars.

“The 12 freshman have changed this program forever. We’ve had to go out and find players, now the girls and the coaches look for us.”

The Red and Black’s superb season earned them national recognition and a berth in the national championship tournament. The tourney took place at Rehma Bible College in Broken Arrow, Okla., a suburb of Tulsa.

“We had more experience and maturity and overall depth this year,” Mathews said. “We had a lot of pretty good players who gave us good team work.”