Prisoner dies at Clermont County Jail

A man died Sunday in the Clermont County jail of a suspected heart attack as he was serving time for a DUI offense.

Charles J. Farsing, 53, was serving time for the offense and was scheduled to be released on Oct. 3, but died late Feb. 3. According Sheriff Tim Rodenberg, jail staff members attempted emergency first aid, but the effort was in vain. Farsing was pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital Clermont. A post-mortem investigation will be performed by the Hamilton County Coroner.

“Fortunately, this doesn’t occur very often,” said Sheriff Rodenberg. “When you have 300 people living in one place, they’re going to have the same problems that any group of 300 people would have; medical issues, mental health issues, physical issues. They’re on medications for all kinds of maladies. You name it, they’ve got it, and compared to the rest of the population, maybe more so. Most of them are down on their luck, they don’t take care of themselves, and may be alcohol or substance abusers.”