Day of Dance health event to be held at Eastgate Mall

Mercy Hospital Clermont and Mercy Hospital Anderson will host the ‘2008 Spirit of Women Day of Dance for Health’ at the Eastgate Mall Feb. 23.

“This is the first year that both hospitals are participating and collaborating with the Spirit of Women group on the Day of Dance,” said Deb Spradlin, Mercy Hospital Clermont Director of Behavioral Medicine. “This very unique annual event is designed to inspire and encourage women of all ages, and their families, to take care of themselves, especially their heart.”

Mercy Hospitals Clermont and Anderson are two of the health care providers in more than 60 cities nationwide to host the annual ‘Day of Dance’ on Feb. 23.

Mercy Hospital Clermont public relations specialist Pete Gemmer said that the event, which will take place from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Saturday Feb. 23 at the Eastgate Mall, will be a day for everyone (and all are welcome) to celebrate their health through the expression of dance.