Amelia mayor, councilman take oath of office Jan. 5

Amelia Mayor Leroy Ellington would make only one concrete and solemn promise to village residents at his inaugural ceremony Jan. 5 – to represent the taxpayers, his family, and his friends with integrity and honor.

Engaging more than 100 of those family and friends assembled at the Amelia Methodist Church with his words, Mayor Ellington said that he wanted to start mending the “very real” but unintentional disconnect that he feels Amelia residents have with their local government.

“While I was campaigning over the last eight weeks, I came to find out that there is a disconnect that village residents have with its elected leaders,” he said. “As mayor, I will continue to work on going out into the community to meet the residents that I represent. I will listen to your thoughts and concerns and do my best to implement solutions that are in the best interest of the village.”

Ellington, who prides himself on his strengths, such as listening, leadership, and problem-solving, is eager to start working for the village; he laid out many ideas and initiatives in his inaugural remarks.