Mock trial held at Amelia Middle School

Sixth grade gifted program Amelia Middle School students presented a literary mock trial to solve the 46-year-old mystery regarding the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Rubin Pritchard, a fictional character in the novel “Where The Red Fern Grows.”

Acting as the judge, Anthony Cardarelli, 11, who was dressed the part (virtually swimming in a judicial black robe), said that he really enjoyed the experience.

“I most enjoyed being in charge of the whole courtroom,” he said. “Banging the gavel and being the judge was a fun and thrilling experience for me.”

Assembled to play for the sixth grade student body in the performance space of the middle school Dec. 21 were all of the usual courtroom players – the judge, the bailiff, the defendant, the prosecuting and defense attorneys, the witnesses, and the exhibitors (a cast of some 29 participants total).

The defendant was the novel’s main character Billy Coleman, accused of and on trial for the intent to hurt another person.