Attorney General visits county

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann recently visited Clermont County to formally announce the beginning of a new campaign against methamphetamines.

The effort is taking the form of a pilot project being initiated in four different areas that will seek to attack the manufacture and distribution of meth in greater or different ways. The project will be funded by approximately $2 million in federal money that will be distributed between the four agencies involved.

“We’re very very grateful for this initiative,” said Clermont County Sheriff Tim Rodenberg. “This is what makes it work in Clermont County. We don’t do this on our own. We have had a lot of participation from other agencies. This is law enforcement officers from around the county, and that way they know the quirks of their jurisdiction, and some of the actors, good, bad and ugly. That allows for effective drug enforcement. It’s been good for us to have the teamwork. With the attorney general, what he has done since he’s been in office has been an incredible job for law enforcement in Ohio.”

Clermont County currently enjoys the partnership between several agencies in the fight against drugs, known locally as the Narcotics Task Force. Composed of agents from the Sheriff’s Office, Union Township, the Milford Police Department, Miami Township, the task force combines the manpower and physical resources of all the associated departments to tackle various drug issues in the county. This grant will prove a serious boon to their efforts, said Sheriff Rodenberg.