Salute to Heroes held in Amelia

Hundreds of local veterans and current members of the U.S. military were thanked and honored at the village of Amelia’s fourth annual Salute to Heroes Ceremony.

The ceremonial celebration, which took place at the Amelia Elementary School Nov. 10, was attended by more that 75 people.

“We gather every year to recognize and salute all of the military personnel and the veterans for the sacrifices that they have made and will continue to make so that we can live in security and freedom,” said Amelia councilman Harold Walters, Jr.

The Amelia Salute to Heroes was started by Amelia Mayor Mike Scharf four years ago. Mayor Scharf, an Army veteran who served in Somalia, wanted the Salute to Heroes to be a way for the community to gather in solidarity and union to honor all veterans on this very important day.