Rep. Bubp to deploy to Iraq in January

Ohio 88th House District Representative Danny Bubp will see his public service move into a far more intense theater of action than Columbus next year. Bubp, a Marine reservist, has been called to active duty in Al Anbar province, an area near the insurgent hotspot of Fallujah.

“I’ve done a lot of things over the last 29 years, but the job I’ve been assigned is the military liaison officer to the provincial governor of Al-Anbar Province,” said Bubp. “They’re calling on my judicial and legislative experience to give advice to the governor. They have this new government, and they’ve been writing their constitution. This is something that’s never been done there before. Saddam Hussein ran that country with an iron fist, and now it’s a democracy. This is neat to be able to be on the ground floor to give advice on how to best make it work.”

Bubp will be leaving soon to undergo training for the role, which will take him overseas in January and keep him busy for about six months. Reservists, said Bubp, offer the military an asset most often not present in career soldiers. While career soldiers are highly trained in traditional military functions such as combat, reservists come onboard with training from their careers, giving them a leg up in certain situations, such as Bubp’s judicial and legislative experience.