CNE Help Center to Close after 25 Years of operation

The CNE Community Help Center will be permanently closing Nov. 16.

The Help Center, which opened in 1983 and has served tens of thousands of needy people in the past 25 years, is a located in a very old and dilapidated building with two very large holes in the ceiling.

CNE Help Center co-owner and manager Carl Rayles said that the ceiling repairs would be too costly to make at this time.

Rayles also commented that there are now other places for needy people to get food, clothes, and other materials – places that were not available when the center first opened on U.S. State Route 50 in the early 1980’s.

When the center closes next month, Help Center co-owners Carl Rayles, Barb Bostic, and Charlie Bailey hope to sell the building.

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