Resident threatens to sue Union Township over property lease

Union Township resident Alex Lambros threatened the board of trustees Oct. 9 with legal action should they not have a single mother of two evicted from a township-owned property. According to Lambros, the lease agreement between the woman, Susan Brown, and the township, is both fiscally questionable and invalid.

“I’ve presented you with a lease agreement between Union Township and one of your employees, Susan Brown,” said Lambros. “She’s leasing a house from the township for $100 per month. Is there any explanation as to why the house goes for so unreasonably cheap?”

Lambros presented the trustees with a copy of the lease, and said that other leases in the area for a similar dwelling would go for $900 or more a month, instead of $100. Trustee Bob McGee, however, expressed a degree of amazement at Lambros’ assessment of the lease.