United Way is making a difference for older adults

When Clermont Senior Services was founded nearly 40 years ago United Way was there to be a partner in service to older adults in Clermont County.

Our partnership remains as strong as ever today, with Clermont Senior Services receiving over $200,000 each year to support Meals-on-Wheels, Medical Transportation, and Home Care Services.

Without this support hundreds of individuals would have to go without help at a time in life when they most need a helping hand.

United Way’s support in the community is not limited to older adults, of course. United Way also supports services to help children, families, and persons with disabilities. In Clermont County this includes such agencies as the YMCA, the YWCA, the Boys & Girls Club, the Literacy Council, Red Cross, Clermont Counseling Center, and Child Focus, to name just a few.

Appropriately, United Way requires reports from agencies to document the value of the services they provide. For example, United Way doesn’t just want to know how many Meals-on-Wheels we served last year, or how many people we took to the doctor. They want to know how those meals and doctor trips affected the lives of the older adults we served. Diane’s story is just one example.

Diane attended one of the senior centers operated by Clermont Senior Services for many years. In her mid 80s Diane’s health began to fail. First we began providing Meals-on-Wheels. Soon after, Diane began using our transportation service to get to the doctor instead of to the senior center. Finally, Diane also needed help with light housekeeping and assistance with bathing. Now, at age 97, Diane is still able to live in her own home. Like Diane, all of us want to live in our own homes for as long as possible. United Way is helping Clermont Senior Services make this possible for Diane and thousands of other older adults every year.

Our employees at Clermont Senior Services have been generous in their support of United Way over the years; understandably so, because they see first hand how much good we can do with dollars from United Way. I encourage you to consider joining our employees in supporting United Way. If you are still employed, I encourage you to make a payroll pledge to support United Way. You can even designate an agency of your choice to show your support for the work they do.

If you are retired you can still support United Way, whether through your former employer or through a personal donation. Let me suggest this. If you are retired and would like make a gift to United Way, however small or large that gift may be, you can mail a check to my attention at Clermont Senior Services, made out to United Way. I’ll include your gift with our employee gifts. Please consider joining us in helping older adults and others in need by supporting United Way. Our mailing address at Clermont Senior Services is simply, Box 118, Batavia OH, 45103.

Together, we really can make a difference.