Bethel Council considers formation of committee for employee complaints

After coming under fire from an employee over a minor dispute with the village, the Bethel Village Council is hoping to stem further episodes, but is still examining how.

Last month, councilman Gary Hutchinson suggested the council create a new committee that would act as a liaison between the village employees and the council, giving them someone to go to when problems arise. Council, however, pointed out that there is already such an entity available, the village administrator Michael Shiverski.

“As much as I dislike the chain of command issue, one thing we do have is an administrator to basically be overseeing all these employees,” said solicitor George Leicht. “We do have an employee who essentially went directly to council to complain about some issues. I would be reluctant to have a two-headed system for dealing with this simply because, if you can’t get it from Michael, you take it to council.”