Court of Appeals upholds decision by Judge Ringland

Clermont trial judge Robert Ringland recently saw one of his decisions supported by a higher court in a case that will likely reach the supreme court.

In a decision in favor of the state, Ringland ruled in the case of Ohio v. Garland Billings that it is constitutional for the state to require Billings to live at least 1,000 feet from a school, a decision which the 12th district circuit court agreed with.

“Basically, this gentleman is a convicted sex offender, and after he was released from prison, he moved in with his wife,” said Judge Ringland. “The residence he moved into was within 1,000 feet of a school. The state, under the law, required him to move from the house. The defense argued that the law requiring people to move outside 1,000 feet was unconstitutional. They argued there are other ways to protect children.”