Artisan Center is a center of artistic creativity

Sprawling comfortably over 64 acres of pristine Moscow woods, the Artisan Center at Maple Creek has become a cocoon of local creativity that is being nurtured, protected, and promoted by Steve and Gwen Herndon.

Steve Herndon, who has owned the construction and design company Wolfhaus Homes for years, said that the idea to open the Artisan Center came about in a very interesting way.

When his construction business had grown to the point where he lacked the time for more hand-crafted pursuits (the thing that got him started), he went searching for a way to get back into that side of the arts.

Steve was speaking with friends and participants at one of the many annual hand-made art trade shows around the country one day when one said that they had a historic log cabin/barn available; they suggested that Steve buy it.