Adult gridiron gladiators fired up for next season

In the terms of enthusiasm, excitement, and pure fun, the first season of football for the Mount Carmel Fire can best be described as a big success.

Coleman Lucas, the head coach, said, “I’ve had a blast. I think we’ve all had a blast. The team has grown spiritually, mentally, and physically.”

The Fire’s head honcho had praise for some of the outstanding efforts turned in this season.

On the offensive side of the ball he noted the stellar performances of quarterback Ryan Jones, a Batavia graduate; fullback Doug Earley, an Amelia graduate; fullback Will Huddleston, a graduate of Georgetown; and the greatly improved play of Ryan Walriven, a New Richmond graduate. On the line, the play of center Mike McManis, a Batavia grad; right guard Tom Christie, a Milford grad; and left guard Derek Jetter, a Western Brown grad, was lauded.