Southern Buckeye Conference all-stars are selected

The American Division of the Southern Buckeye Conference has announced its winter sports all-star teams.

Bethel-Tate, Clermont Northeastern, Goshen, and New Richmond are the Clermont County member schools of the conference.

Following are the Clermont County members of SBC-A stellar all-star squads. Listed with each all-star is the grade in school.

Wrestling Champions

(the only SBC sport in which there is only one division)

Larry Smith of Batavia (119-pounds, junior), Nick Samad of New Richmond (125, junior), Jake Kools of New Richmond (152, senior), Roger Boucher of Bethel-Tate (171, senior), Mark McAninch of Goshen (189, senior), and Ryan Giltz of Goshen (275, senior).


Kenny Stephens of Goshen (125, senior), Scott Simpson of Clermont Northeastern (135, sophomore), Sean Adams of Bethel-Tate (140, sophomore), Jeff Miller of Goshen (171, junior), Josh Hicks of New Richmond (189, senior), Alvis Williams of New Richmond (215, senior), and Josh Ison of Batavia (215, senior).