Bethel votes to adopt property maintenance code

The Bethel Village Council voted July 23 to adopt a new village property maintenance code.

The code is designed, said Councilwoman Donna Gunn, to make the village better than what current state and county codes will accomplish.

During a public hearing concerning the adoption of the document, however, two village residents expressed their displeasure at what they see as an invasion of their privacy and rights.

“I heard about this, and I was thinking about coming up to read it,” said Donetta Swartz. “I was thinking 10-15 pages, but to my surprise it’s 45. We have county codes and state codes that cover all of this, and also the board of health, and why they aren’t doing this I don’t know. This sounds like a homeowners association, and I moved here because it’s a small town and I could do what I want on my property. If my neighbor has a problem with something, they tell me and I can take care of it.”