Tealtown, Bethel, Milford, Amelia had top Knothole records

Clermont County Knothole is beginning the second half season of the 2007 campaign. This marks the 61st year of the Clermont County Knothole Association.

Among the 16 divisions, Tealtown owns or shares the leadership of five divisions, Bethel and Milford four, Amelia two, and Clermont Northeastern, Goshen and New Richmond one.

Following are the standings of each class and division after one-half season of action has taken place.

Class A

Senior Division One

Goshen Sluggers 4-0, Batavia Bulldogs 5-2, New Richmond Lions 4-2, Tealtown Dragons 4-3, Amelia Hurricanes 3-3, Bethel Tigers 3-4, Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays 2-5, and Goshen Bulldogs 0-6.