Drought conditions are hurting Clermont farmers

Farmers in Clermont County are all praying for one thing – rain.

The few inches of rain that have fallen on the county in the past couple of weeks have helped, but have not changed the fact that, according to U.S. Drought Monitor Weekly, Clermont is still in the middle of a very severe drought.

The Ohio State University Extension and the Farm Service Agency are very concerned with this lack of moisture and are expecting lower yields this year from the more than 900 farms in the county as a result of these dry conditions, especially in the southwestern portions of the county.

“Crops need the right amount of moisture at the right time to produce the right yield,” said O.S.U. Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator Stephanie Hines. “If we do not see sustained rain soon, the potential is there for a very bad year for our county farmers.”