Bethel-Amelia combo produces a winner in 17th annual Clermont County Mud Volleyball Tourney

The 17th Annual Clermont County Mud Volleyball Tournament took place for the first time on the site of the Red Barn Flea Market in Batavia. The previous 16 years the event had taken place on the Tate Beach along the waters of Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park.

The proceeds from the tournament will be used to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. Barb Beckelhimer of the Epilepsy Foundation was the capable and very helpful chairwoman of the event.

In some ways, to a historian, the entire one-day fun and boisterous tournament appeared to be the red man’s revenge.

The event took place on ground that was once the home of several Eastern Woodland tribes, most probably the Shawnee, Wyandot, or Miami Indians. It is known there were several temporary villages established along the East Fork of the Little Miami River in the 18th century.