Organic Farm at Bear Creek certified to meet all USDA organic standards

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek, located in Washington Township near the village of Chilo, is a family enterprise that produces high quality and certified organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

The farm, which has been owned and operated by Jeff and Sandra Ashba, and Darrick and Libby Massey for the last five years, has been certified to meet all of the USDA Organic standards set up by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA).

“Everything we grow and produce is organic, which is the natural process by which you raise and fertilize crops” said New Richmond resident Sandra Ashba. “Under the organic ruling by the USDA, you must use organic seeds or seedlings to start your plants with. Our seed saving program enables us to re-use and recycle the seeds every year. We do not use any synthetic, chemically-treated, or enhanced products – everything is natural.”