Chamber moves to Union Township

The Clermont Chamber of Commerce recently upgraded its surroundings, taking a fresh look at economic development through the relocation to a fresh new office.

Formerly located on the outskirts of Milford, the Clermont chamber recently sold its former office in favor of a newly-created office park in Union Township.

“About 12 months ago, the chamber established a facilities committee to look in on the use and occupancy of the chamber facility,” said chamber president Matt Van Sant. “After a considerable amount of study, including meeting with brokers, appraisers and developers, we determined that the facility as it is currently laid out was underutilized. Also, there was excess space.”

Now, no longer set apart in its own structure, the chamber shares a high-tech new office complex with other area businesses. Located near the new Ivy Pointe office park, the chamber is located at 4355 Ferguson Drive, Suite 150. Van Sant said that decision to move was eased by the unexpected offer to purchase its old location by Riverhills Bank.