Trojans and Barons compete in Amelia Power Meet

The Second Annual Amelia High School Strongman Contest was garnered by the Hamilton High School’s Big Blue team #1 with a an overall total of 198 points.

The other team scores were Glen Este #1 123.5, Amelia #1 122.5, Glen Este #2 63.5, Scott (Ky.) #1 47, Amelia #2 37, Hamilton #2 29, and Amelia #3 8.

Following are the team results of each category:

Big Group: Team scores – Hamilton #1 75 points, Glen Este #1 32, and Amelia #1 24.5. The members of the Glen Este team were Alex Meagher, Jimmie Noble, Dru Risk, and Jack Wulker. The members of the Amelia team were Ryan Danehy, Jon Fraley, Jiminez, and Nagel.

Athletic Group: Team scores – Hamilton #1 54, Amelia #1 33, and Scott #1 29. The members of the runner-up Amelia team were Jordan Bailey, Cameron Cooley, Jessie Held, and Nick Motley.

Skill Group: Team scores – Hamilton #1 42, Amelia #1 41, and Amelia #2 23. The members of the Amelia #1 squad were Craig Childs, Kyle Doherty, Matt Farley, and Jimmy Rettinger. The members of Amelia #2 were Tyler Lanham, Jordan Merchant, Michael Niolet, and Donovan Schwalbach.