Cabin at Burke Park to be used in film about Simon Kenton

Bethel’s Accord Cabin in Burke Park is once again the center of news in the village.

At the June 11 meeting of the Bethel Village Council, two separate conversations concerning the cabins were held in council chambers, one concerning the revival of a longtime festival and the other the possibility of a historical film being shot on the premises.

“I want to ask about the possibility of using the Accord cabin in Burke Park for something that’s really dear to me,” said Mike Rumping. “We’re getting ready to film a DVD on the life of Simon Kenton. I’m very tied in with Simon Kenton right now. I feel that teaching about Simon Kenton is very important, and that’s why we want to make a good DVD. We have one that was made in the past, but it wasn’t of good quality.”

Rumping, who grew up near the cabin before it was relocated to Burke Park, said that he has always had a soft spot for the structure, which he felt would combine quite well as a prop for his creation of the historical documentary.