Literacy Council spelling bee to be held June 22

If spelling is your thing, you just may be in luck; the 15th annual literacy spelling bee will be held June 22 at the Milford Firefighter’s Bingo Hall.

The event, the biggest fund raiser of the year for the Literacy Council of Clermont and Brown Counties, will pit teams of three against each other in a battle that will shake them to the depth of their vowels.

“This is our biggest fund raiser,” said Susan Vilardo, Executive Director of The Literacy Council of Clermont and Brown Counties. “Three-person teams of adults compete together to spell words. These words are hard, I’ve never even heard of most of them. They are terribly difficult, the team hears the word, confers, and then one member goes to the microphone to spell it. If they are right, the team progresses, if not, the team is out. The teams are eliminated until there is only one left standing, and these teams are hard-core. They get very competitive.”