Mt. Carmel Fire football ready to light county sky

These guys have no plans to make a fuel of themselves. The Mount Carmel Fire football team’s plan is to set the Saturday night skies aflame with excitement and sportsmanship on a national and international plane of competition.

Kyle Dincler, a football standout at Amelia High School from where he graduated in 1997, is the co-founder and majority owner of the Fire. John Reeves, a Turpin High grad, is the other owner and founder.

Said Dincler, “I love football and I haven’t played in nine years and I had a blast when I played, so I wanted to start my own team that has discipline, respect, hard-work ethic, and camaraderie. I want to have a good atmosphere around the team.

“I want this to be a good football team that has an outside mission of developing friendships among the team and for us to be able to mentor to people.”