County officials push for increased federal funding of drug programs

Clermont County officials, as well as county officials around the nation, are hoping that a recent discussion with national legislative assistants will result in more federal funding for drug prevention programs.

In Clermont County, the multi-jurisdictional drug task force is faced with a range of possible futures, ranging from continued service or expanded service if funding is increased, to potentially severe cuts if the funding stream remains dry.

“Things are still in limbo at the state and federal level,” said Sheriff Tim Rodenberg. “In the Ohio House, there is a measure that may go forward to provide money for drug task forces. Basically, it would add five dollars in fines to moving traffic violations. It’s questionable if it will be enacted, but it’s at least moving forward. We probably won’t have any final word on that until the fall.”

Recently, Clermont County Commissioner Bob Proud represented a national association of counties in talks with congressional aids concerning drug issues. Proud said that much of the conversation centered around lobbying for the return of drug task force funding.