Burglary at Batavia Elementary cancels classes

Batavia students will be greeted with safer buildings next year after a series of break-ins and vandalism incidents this year prompted the school board to contract for security systems in all three buildings.

Barbara Bradley, Superintendent, said that the last straw came after the second break-in. However, students of Batavia Elementary were treated to a day off school Wednesday after a third break-in closed the school down, just two days after the board voted to buy security cameras.

“We had someone enter the building and do a lot of rummaging, but not a lot of damage,” said Bradley. “We don’t know what was taken yet. We have the teachers in doing inventories of their rooms to see if anything is missing or damaged.”

The investigation is continuing into just who broke into the building, and why. Currently, it is not known if anything was taken, or if the incident was merely exploratory. However, it did, said Bradley, highlight the need for video surveillance equipment.