Police department denies Owensville is a speed trap

The Owensville police department is denying a report published in Cincy Business magazine this month that lists the village as ranking fourth in the greater Cincinnati area for issuing speeding tickets.

Even though the article, which is entitled ‘Highway Robbery,’ used statistics obtained in 2005 to determine the rankings, WLWT-TV (Channel 5) picked up on the article and ran a special news feature about it two weeks ago.

In that television report, two unidentified people said that they had not personally been pulled over and issued speeding tickets, but that they had witnessed it and know it to be true that Owensville is a speed trap.

Owensville officials are very concerned with the high ranking because they feel that the article, and the subsequent news feature, are not only untrue, but are flagrantly misinforming the public.