Career Day held at Bethel’s William Bick Primary School

Students at William Bick Elementary School in Bethel enjoyed their role in a yearly tradition last week when the annual career day was held, bringing dozens of professionals from around the area to present a little about what their job is all about.

The event has been more than two decades in the making, marking a yearly educational celebration for students who just can’t wait to see what a presenter is going to bring up next.

“This has probably gone on for over 20 years,” said Lois Dennis, building coordinator for the event. “This is an annual event, we always have it the first Thursday of May. We used to have it for a K-4 building, but we split. The older grades have it at an earlier date, but we kept ours in May.”

In a manner of speaking, the event turns the entire day into a show and tell session of the highest caliber.