Customer service lessons discovered in a Cracker Jack box

When I was a boy Cracker Jack was a favorite treat (Yes, it is Cracker Jack – not Jacks). The colorful box was filled with popcorn and peanuts coated with molasses.

I liked the peanuts, but best of all was the promise of a prize in every box. I remember prizes like tops, tiny cars, and a small plastic magnifying glass.

Last week we held a retreat for management staff to talk about customer service. The facilitator gave us each a box of Cracker Jack as an illustration about customer service.

This was the first time in many years to have a box of Cracker Jack in my hands so I quickly opened the box to enjoy the memory and taste of this childhood treat. I was disappointed to find only two and a half peanuts in the whole box and a tiny paper toy that required folding several times and cutting along the dotted line to make a smiling cow