Perfect Stranger

It only takes a few moments of watching the new suspense thriller Perfect Stranger to ascertain that this film is going to be far from perfect.

Halle Berry, whose beauty if nothing else will keep your eyes transfixed to the screen, portrays Rowena, the ace investigative reporter of a local tabloid newspaper, determined to get her story regardless of any pesky ethical concerns that may stand in her way.

The film makes it apparent that Rowena has willingly and repeatedly sacrificed her professional integrity for her news stories, all the while displaying a complete lack of and disrespect for journalistic morals.

After her zealous newspaper editor squashes what she considers to be a salacious, career-defining story about a conservative senator having a clandestine gay affair with a male intern, Rowena quits her job but soon stumbles onto a story that is even more lurid.

After tipping off scandal-hungry Rowena of an illicit affair that she was having with a advertising executive named Harrison Hill (in a deserted, cavernous subway no less), a wild-eyed childhood family friend named Grace, who threatens the executive with blackmail, turns up horribly murdered.

Rowena goes undercover as an employee in Hill