Biggest mystery in

One cannot imagine what could have possibly possessed two-time Academy Award winner Hillary Swank to star in the ridiculous new horror film The Reaping.

Swank stars as university professor Katherine Winter, a former ordained minister who has since lost her religious faith after her husband and child are murdered (brutally sacrificed, really) while serving as goodwill missionaries in the Sudan region of Africa.

She now travels the globe in search of scientific explanations for seemingly unexpected and unexplainable phenomena, all the while debunking what seems to be the miraculous with child-like enthusiasm and rational aplomb.

Hence, the film finds her, and her investigative partner, summoned to an eerie backwater hamlet deep in the swampy Louisiana bayou called Haven (see any irony here?) by its creepy residents to investigate what seems to be a river of blood.

Many more Biblical plagues coincide with her arrival to Haven; the villagers claim that a local child, whose brother was found dead in the bloody river, has brought ten plagues to the town. The film follows Swank and company as they investigate these strange and mysterious plagues to their absurd conclusion.

In addition to the river of blood, some other apocalyptic biblical plagues that befall the sleepy villagers in Haven include dead frogs, dead fish, dead livestock, boils, lice, flies, maggots, etc. Unfortunately for the investigation, the fully realized plagues (the locust swarm is impressive) warrant no discernible scientific explanation.

Oh, and did I mention that there is a an angelic young girl who may or may not be Satan