Amy Baker may face charges in Kentucky

Amy Baker may be the target of a new investigation launched by Mason County prosecutors in Kentucky for her role in helping burn and dispose of the body of three-year old murdered foster child Marcus Fiesel.

Baker was granted immunity from prosecution in Clermont and Hamilton counties last year in exchange for her testimony which broke the Marcus Fiesel murder case that ultimately led to the arrest, conviction, and incarceration of foster parents Liz and David Carroll.

Police detectives in Maysville, Ky., where, according to Baker’s Feb. 19 testimony in the murder trial of Liz Carroll, she sat in the car while David Carroll threw the remains of Marcus over the side of the Maysville bridge, are looking into the possibility of filing charges against Baker for the gross abuse of a corpse.

If convicted of that misdemeanor charge, Baker would most likely spend one year in jail.