Ten projects listed on county’s water and sewer five-year plan

The new Clermont County Water and Sewer District five-year plan has 10 projects listed that should, if completed, benefit much of the county in terms of current and future system performance. According to Tom Yeager, water and sewer director, the plan will both allow for future demands to the system, as well as current usage requirements.

“This is a combination of things, but yes, it’s absolutely planned with the future in mind,” said Yeager. “We have pretty much resolved all of our current capacity issues and system functionality issues. We’re caught up, if you will, but we don’t want to allow ourselves to slip behind. The new growth opportunities that are coming to the county are basically funding these projects. We’re looking at past expansion to fuel economic development. We’re stockpiling funds to fuel the expansion and upgrade of the system.”

Yeager said the projects included on the five year capital improvement plan will help keep the system working smoothly. The improvements come as part of an overall system of upgrades and maintenance that keep things working in top form, and help keep the system in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.